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Transfers:  Transferring your Flying Pirate Half Marathon is switching your race distance to a different distance within the same event/same year. For instance, from the 5K to the Half.or the Half to the Double Dare Challenge.
There are no refunds for transfering to a less expensive race. For instance from the Half to the 5K.

You can also transfer/switch your current Flying Pirate registration to the 2017 Outer Banks Marathon or Southern Fried Half Marathon. Use the link below for either option.
See below for deadlines and fees.

Enter your race Confirmation number. If you do not have your Confirmation number handy there is a link to have it sent to the email you registered with.
Enter your Date of Birth like so - M/D/YYYY
Go to Transfer Entry
Click on "I accept" then follow prompts

FP image for Transfer


Transfer Dates:
UNTIL midnight 3/22/2017
you may transfer (switch) to any race in the Flying Pirate 2017 provided that race is not at capacity. Or you may transfer to the Outer Banks Marathon/Southern Fried Half Marathon in November.

Transfer Fees:

From 3/22/2017 onward transfers to the Outer Banks Marathon in November will be charged a fee of $25 in addition to the price increase if applicable. This option ends April 16th.
The difference in price from the race you are already signed up for and the one you want to switch into will be charged to you in addition to the $25 fee.
There is no refund if you switch to a less expensive race.
This option is a one time use option.

If the event is not sold out transfers/switching your distance for Flying Pirate Half Marathon may be available at the Runner Expo registration booth at packet pick up the day before the race. If there are spots available.
There is a $25 fee to transfer/switch your distance at the Expo in addition to any difference in race price.
There is no refund for switching to a less expensive race. Event shirt is not guaranteed.

There are no Deferrals -There are no refunds - no exceptions - no person to person transfers. You may not sell, give or transfer your race entry to another person. Every person on the course is required to wear the event timing bib. Those without will be asked to leave the course.